• 1184 Combiate Castle

1184 Combiate Castle

Documents of the period recount that Rinuccio di Antinoro (the originator of the Antinori line, whose name then became the last name of his successors) produces wine at the Castello di Combiate near Croci di Calenzano, located in the countryside outside of Florence on the road to the Mugello valley to the north of the city.

1183 Accarisio of Antinoro

The Antinori family, country squires, has its residence and its agricultural activities near Florence at the castle of Combiate. The fortunes of the family go through significant changes when the castle is destroyed during a siege. The Antinori move to Florence, at the time on the most important cities of the Western world.

Accarisio di Antinori becomes a member of the “Arte della Seta” – the Florentine Silk Makers Guild – an important part of the local economy.

1304 The Divine Comedy

In these years Dante writes his most celebrated work: The Divine Comedy.
Known and studied all over the world, it is considered one of the all time masterpieces of world literature: though containing much of what is characteristically medieval in character (a religious inspiration, moralizing intentions, and a style based on an immediate and visual perception of things), it is profoundly innovative insofar as it expresses an ample, naturalistic, and dramatic representation of reality, a conception more closely related to modern and contemporary works of art.

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