• 1385 The Winemakers Guild

1385 The Winemakers Guild

On May 19th, 1385 Giovanni di Piero Antinori joins the Winemakers Guild of Florence. The Guild, founded in 1293, has as its symbol a red wine glass on a white background. Its first headquarters is the church of San Martino al Vescovo. It then moves to the Bartolommei Palace in Via Lambertesca in the center of Florence, in front of the alleyway of the Buco where, even today, the guild’s coat of arms can be seen sculpted.

1385 Antinori and Medici

The Antinori participate in the production and sale of silk, are active bankers on a national and international scale, and are involved in politics, all the time continuing their original passion for viticulture.

Their fortunes accompany those of the Medici, the dominant Florentine family in the political, cultural, and financial life of their time.

1380 The Renaissance

It is in these years that Florence develops as a truly unique city thanks to the Renaissance with a constant economic and socio-cultural ferment that contribute to making the city a true world capital. Residence and meeting place of the principal thinkers and artists of the epoch, the city distinguishes itself for its Guilds and for its works of art, becoming a center of attention and a reference point for all of Europe’s capitals. In this period the famous refectories and the Duomo (Cathedral) of Santa Maria del Fiore are under construction, the latter begun in 1296 by Arnolfo di Cambio, continued by Giotto up until his death, and crowned by Brunelleschi’s dome in 1436.

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