• 1753 the Academy of he Georgofili

1753 the Academy of he Georgofili

Viticulture flourishes in Tuscany during the 18th century, assisting a significant development of the Antinori activities in the field of wine. The family begins to market its wine abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom, thereby gaining greater prestige. The Accademia dei Georgofili, the world’s oldest wine academy, is founded by Abbot Ubaldo Montelatici in Florence and gives great impetus to the production of wine in Tuscany.

1848 Niccolò in the war of indipendence against Austria

Niccolo', son of Vincenzio, is an active participant in the political life of the period and a combatant in the first war of independence against Austria at Curtatone and Montanara.

1789 the French Revolution

The French Revolution, a period of radical social, political, and cultural upheaval, breaks out and establishes the demarcation point between early modern and contemporary history.

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