• 1913 the Grand Prize Plaque

1913 the Grand Prize Plaque

At the International Exposition of Genoa, the Marchesi Lodovico e Piero Antinori firm receives the Grand Prize Plaque.

1914 Giacomo Puccini

The family has always had important customers, but above all friends, and in a letter composer Giacomo Puccini writes: “Dear Piero, they tell me that you have produced the Champagne of a grand aristocrat”. The friendship between Piero and Puccini goes back to 1896, and it is Piero himself who suggests to Puccini the libretto for “The Golden Girl of the West”.

1915 the Theory of Relativity

Between 1916 and 1916, physicist Albert Einstein completes and presents to the world his “General Theory of Relativity”, which had been anticipated in 1905 by the “Special Theory of Relativity”.
In addition to being one of the most celebrated physicists in the history of science, and a Nobel prize winner in 1921, Einstein is very active in many fields, from philosophy to politics and, for his overall contribution to culture in general, is considered one of the most important thinkers of the 20th century.

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