• 1928 the creation of Villa Antinori

1928 the creation of Villa Antinori

In 1928 Marquis Niccolò Antinori creates the Villa Antinori red wine with the idea, revolutionary for the period, of producing a Chianti capable of being aged and of improving over time.
Villa Antinori immediately enters into the cellars and onto the tables of embassies, grand hotels, and international restaurants.

1925 Niccolò becomes the director of L&P Antinori

In 1925 Niccolò becomes the director of the “Marchesi L&P Antinori" firm.

1929 black Tuesday in the United States

In the history of the United States, Black Tuesday is the day which signals the beginning of the Great Depression, the world’s gravest  economic crisis. The price of the shares of numerous very large corporations such as General Electric precipitate and that day, October 29th, 1929, more than sixteen million shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange,  with a loss of value of over ten billion dollars. The after effects, immediate and negative, hit the other Stock Exchanges of the country from Chicago to San Francisco.

George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress)

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