• 1966 new techniques

1966 new techniques

Piero Antinori initiates a period of research and experimentation: earlier harvesting of white grapes, temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, fermentation of white wines at cooler temperatures, sterile bottling at cold temperatures. He experiments as well with malolactic fermentation for the red wines, which leads him to under stand that the old Tuscan practice called “governo” (the addition of dried grapes to the must to induce a second fermentation which reduces the overall acidity) was no longer necessary, as the malolactic fermentation reduces excessive acidity without the risks inherent in the use of the “governo” system.
In 1967 the DOC Chianti – official appellation-controlled status – was awarded to Tuscany.

1966 Piero Antinori president

Niccolò Antinori retires from an active role in the firm and Piero, his elder son, succeeds him as president.

1966 the mud angels

Florence is devastated by the flood of November 4th caused when the Arno river overflows its banks. Young volunteers from all over the world, including such important personalities as Ted Kennedy, flock to the city and become known as the “mud angels” for their work in assisting the local population and saving works of art.

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