Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pèppoli

Tasting notes

COLOR: brilliant olive green.
AROMA: fruity and pungent, notably fragrant.
FLAVOR: fruity and harmonious with an excellent structure and balance and typically pronounced piquant notes on the finish.

Cycle of harvesting and extraction

The olives, grown in carefully selected groves, were entirely hand-picked before they become overly ripe and were exclusively milled, no more than 18 hours after picking, in the farm’s own olive mill. The cycle which transformed the olives into oil began with the elimination of the leaves by a vacuum machine and then the milling with small hammers. The olive paste which obtained was then emulsified by a machine which operates for ten to fifteen minutes per batch at temperatures of 72-74° Fahrenheit (20-22° centigrade). The particles of oil began to unite and separate from the other parts of the olive paste. The following phase was that of the extraction itself, obtained by means of a two-phase decanter; the process, accordingly, took place at low temperatures without the addition of water in order to bring out, without dilution, all of the aromas and flavors, of the olives in the oil. The conservation and the natural decantation (which cleans and purifies the olive oil) took place in small stainless steel  tanks under the protection of an inert gas, and the oil was then bottled.

Organic production

The olive oil of the Pèppoli farm is a biological oil. In 1994 the farm converted its olive groves to biological agriculture, whose tenets include the strict exclusion of products of chemical synthesis both in the fertilizers and in the materials used for spraying against pests. After this two year period of “conversion” prescribed by current legislation and supervised by the Consortium for the Control of Biological Production, the organism authorized for this purpose by the Ministry of Agricultural and of Forest Resources, it became possible, in 1996, to obtain the official “Biological Certification” for the Pèppoli olive oil.