Muffato della Sala



Umbria IGT


60% Sauvignon Blanc, 40% Grechetto, Traminer and Riesling


Temperatures during the winter months were mild, rarely ever falling below 0°C. Thanks also to a serene and mild spring which was not rainy, the plants developed well and slightly ahead of schedule when compared with the previous year. July and August were hot, but without extreme peaks in heat, thus enabling the grapes to ripen normally. During the months of September and October, morning fog and occasional rains, alternating with sunny days, allowed botrytis to “attack” the grapes in a gradual manner without presenting a risk to their health. Harvesting began in the last ten days of October with the traminer grapes, followed by riesling and sauvignon, and ending with grechetto towards the end of November.


The grapes come from the vineyards of Castello della Sala, situated between 200 and 350 meters above sea level on clay soils which are rich in marine fossils. The grapes were hand picked in several phases, depending on the progress of the Botrytis Cinerea. After being taken to the winery, grape bunches were again sorted by hand on a conveyor belt. This was followed by a light pressing without destemming.
After the pressing, the must was fermented for 18 days at a temperature of approximately 17°C.
The sweet wine which was thus obtained was transferred into French oak barrels (Alliers e Tronçais), where it remained for approximately 6 months before being blended and bottled. Alcohol content: 12.5% by Vol.

Historical data

Muffato della Sala is made with grapes exposed to botrytis, harvested at the beginning of November, so that the morning fog was able to encourage the development of the Botrytis Cinerea, or “noble rot” on the grape bunches. This mold reduces the water content of the grapes and increases the concentration of sugars and aromas, giving Muffato della Sala a harmonious and unmistakable flavour. The first vintage was produced in 1987 and was composed of sauvignon blanc (50%), grechetto (30%), and drupeggio (20%). Subsequent blends varied until the current blend was created. Muffato della Sala is produced in very limited quantities.

Tasting notes

The color is golden yellow. It is a wine with very intense aromas and taste, characterized by floral and honey-like flavors followed by fresh, almost citrusy notes. Even in its youth it is already well-balanced.