Conte della Vipera



Umbria IGT


Sauvignon blanc with a small percentage of chardonnay


The 2008 vintage is truly one to remember: the winter, which was rather mild, was followed by a spring with intense precipitation, which was, in turn, followed by a summer with beautiful weather. This climatic progression led up to a very interesting harvest, which began with the picking of the first varietals around the end of August and ended with the last varietals at the beginning of October. The beautiful weather which characterized the entire period of harvesting allowed us to carefully and systematically select the best and most perfectly ripened grape bunches, giving us excellent raw material to work with. The harvest of sauvignon blanc took place during the final days of August and the beginning of September, while that of chardonnay began during the second half of August.


The moment at which harvesting of the sauvignon blanc was to begin, was decided based on the ratio of sugar concentration to the best expression of the varietal aromas of the grape. The vineyards which were to be used for Conte della Vipera are located at an altitude of between 250 and 350 meters above sea level, on soil rich in marine fossil sediments perfused with clay, which bestow the grapes with minerality and sapidity. The bunches which were collected were immediately transported to the wine cellar and were cooled by means of a refrigerated conveyor belt which lowered their temperatures prior to pressing (this was important for the maintenance of the varietal characteristics). Part of the sauvignon blanc underwent cold maceration for a few hours in special tanks so as to obtain the best possible extraction of aromas from the grapeskins. After a gentle pressing, the must was kept at 10° C for several hours in order to obtain natural clarification before fermentation. It was then racked in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature, where alcoholic fermentation took place at a controlled temperature not exceeding 16° C. Upon completion of this process, the wine was kept at a low temperature (approximately 10° C) so as to impede malolactic fermentation and preserve the organoleptic characteristics in an unaltered state. The sauvignon blanc was then blended with a small amount of chardonnay wine which had been aged in wood. Alcohol content: 12% by Vol.

Historical data

The wine takes its name from the first owners of Castello della Sala, and the label shows a design taken from the San Giovanni Chapel, built in the XVth century, which is located on the property. The first vintage of Conte della Vipera was produced in 1997.

Tasting notes

Intense aromas which reflect the varietal. Elegant, mineral, sapid. Very well-structured.