Conte della Vipera



Umbria IGT


Sauvignon Blanc with a small percentage of Semillon


On the whole, 2010 can be defined as a cool vintage, with a cold and rainy winter characterized by frequent sharp drops in temperature. The period from the second half of April up until the end of June was particularly turbulent with 20 days of abundant rainfall which gave increased vigor to the development of the vegetation despite plunging temperatures between May 10th and May 20th. The rains came to an end during the last ten days of June and the entire month of July was marked by warm and sunny weather which favored the color change of the grapes. A bit unusually, August was a cooler than average month, slowing down ripening and leading to a ten day delay to the start of the harvest. The return of good weather in September and October enabled the picking of the grapes to be programmed under optimal conditions, thanks as well to the hard work in the vineyard during the entire growing season, particularly important in difficult vintages such as 2010. Work which guaranteed quality production and balanced grapes.


The harvest date of Conte della Vipera was chosen on the basis of the balance between sugar levels and a maximum expression of the varietal aromas of the grapes. The vineyards utilized for the production of Conte della Vipera are located at altitudes between 250 and 350 meters (825-1150 feet) above sea level and are planted on soils rich in sedimentary marine fossils and veins of clay; these soils, together, give, savory mineral notes to the wines. The grapes, once harvested, were immediately brought to the cellar and chilled by means of refrigerated conveyer belts in order lower their temperature before pressing (a very important technique for preserving varietal character). Part of the grapes were given a cold, pre-fermentation maceration in tanks aimed at extracting the maximum amount of aroma from the skins. After a soft pressing, the must was maintained at a temperature of 10° centigrade (50° Fahrenheit) in order to favor a natural settling of the impurities in order to begin fermentation with clean musts, which then fermented at a temperature of 16° centigrade (61° Fahrenheit) in stainless steel tanks. At the end of the fermentation period the wine was maintained at a temperature of 10° centigrade (50° Fahrenheit) to block the malolactic fermentation and conserve varietal aroma and personality. The Sauvignon was then blended with a small amount of Semillon to increase savor and amplitude and, at the same time, achieve a greater aromatic complexity. The wine finished with an alcohol level of 11.5°.

Historical data

The wine takes its name from the first proprietors of the Castello della Sala, and the label carries a sketch of the 15th century A.D. San Giovanni Chapel located on the estate. The first vintage of Conte della Vipera to be produced was the 1997.

Tasting notes

Intense and elegant aromas which recall tropical fruit are balanced by varietal notes of herbs. Well structured and with a crisp, clean finish on the palate.