Conte della Vipera



Umbria IGT


80% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Sémillon


The 2013 vintage was a cool one and was distinguished by frequent and abundant precipitation during all phases of the growing season, followed in turn by mild weather without excessively warm temperatures. Unlike other recent years, the ripening of the grapes was a gradual one, with full maturation arriving somewhat late. The Sauvignon Blanc harvest began during the first ten days of September, while the Sémillon was picked at the end of the month, some two weeks later than usual. The grapes, when harvested, were healthy and were endowed with a fine acidity and excellent varietal aromas and character.


The vineyards whose grapes are utilized for Conte della Vipera are located at 825-1150 feet (250-350 meters) above sea level. The vines are planted on soils rich in sediments of marine fossils interspersed with layered veins of clay which give the wines a savory mineral character. The decision to begin the picking of the Sauvignon Blanc was taken on the basis of the rapport between sugar concentration and the maximum expression of varietal aromas and flavors. The grapes were picked by hand, brought immediately to the cellars, and chilled by means of a refrigerated conveyor belt, an operation which lowered temperatures before pressing in order to preserve the integrity of the varietal aromas. After a soft pressing, the must remained at a temperature of 50° Fahrenheit (10° centigrade)  to favor a natural settling of impurities. The must then went into stainless steel tanks where it fermented at temperatures held to a peak of 61° Fahrenheit (16°centigrade). The fermented wine remained at temperatures of approximately 50° Fahrenheit to block the malolactic fermentation and conserve to the maximum possible extent its varietal character and personality. The Sémillon was then blended into the Sauvignon Blanc to give further savor and amplitude to the wine.

Historical data

The wine takes its name from the first proprietors of the Castello della Sala, and the label carriea a design which shows the fifteenth century Saint John Chapel, located on the property. The first vintage of Conte della Vipera to be produced was the 1997.

Tasting notes

A light yellow in color with greenish highlights, the wines shows fruity and varietal aromas with pleasurable notes of citrus fruit along with white peaches and lichees. The palate is characterful and structured with a vibrant vein of acidity which adds freshness to the flavors. The finish and aftertaste are long and balanced.


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