Muffato della Sala



Umbria IGT


Sauvignon Blanc, Grechetto, Sémillon, Traminer and Riesling


The 2014 vintage, characterized by a mild winter, was marked by frequent precipitation, particularly during the springtime and early summer, creating highly useful reserves of groundwater in the sub-soil. The important temperature swings from daytime heat to evening and nighttime coolness towards the end of summer assisted a slow and gradual ripening of the crop. The climatic conditions of the months of October and November, with morning mist and fog and lovely sunny afternoons, guaranteed a perfect development of “noble rot”. The picking began with the Gewürztraminer in late October, continued with the Riesling, the Sauvignon, and the Sémillon, and concluded in late November with the Grechetto.


The grapes are cultivated in the vineyards of the Castello della Sala estate, situated between 660 and 1150 feet (200-350 meters) above sea level on clay-rich soils rich in marine fossils. The crop was picked by hand, passing through the vineyards in successive occasions decided on the basis of the evolving condition of grapes. After the transport to the cellars, the grapes were given a further selection on a conveyor belt. A light pressing without destemming then followed. After this pressing, the must fermented for 18 days at a temperature of approximately 63° Fahrenheit (17° centigrade). The wine, with its residual sugar, went into 60 gallon (225 liter) barrels of  Alliers e Tronçais oak, where it remained six months before continuing its aging in stainless steel over a further two year period.

Historical data

Muffato della Sala is produce from grapes attacked by “noble rot” picked in late October and November when morning fog and mists favor the development on the grape bunches of “Botrytis Cinerea”, this type of rot. It reduces the water content of the grapes and concentrates sugar and aroma, giving Muffato della Sala a balanced and unmistakable character. The first vintage to be produced was the 1987, and was composed of varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc (50%), Grechetto (30%), and Drupeggio (20%).  The blend was modified over time until the current one was decided upon and became definitive.
Muffato della Sala is a fascinating wine, expression of a unique terroir, and is produced in very limited quantities.

Tasting notes

The 2014 Muffato della Sala shows a lively and brilliant golden yellow color. The nose is intense and complex with perceptible notes of citrus fruit along with delicate sensations of peaches, dried apricots, and saffron. The palate is enveloping, but not to excess, with light notes of iodine and a very long continuity and persistence. Although still young, it is balanced, a wine destined to evolve over time and increase its aromatic complexity.