The palace

Palazzo Antinori, the Antinori palace, the family residence in Florence, is located in Piazza Antinori, just a short distance away from the Arno river. An architectural jewel of the Renaissance, it numbers some 50 rooms and has been the residence and offices of the Antinori Marquises since 1506. It was designed and constructed by Giuliano da Maiano in 1461 and enlarged by Baccio di Agnolo in 1543.

The facade, in untreated stone, has a linear design, harmonic and typically Renaissance; the family coat of arms is exactly in the center: a shield with lozenges in the upper part and a smooth lower part. There is a lovely courtyard and a garden on the ground floor; above the courtyard there is the second floor loggia and, everywhere, centuries of works of art, statues, and tapestries. The ground floor and part of the first floor are utilized for offices and reception rooms, while the two upper floors are the private apartments of the Marquis Antinori.

Today the Antinori palace is not merely a prestigious edificebut also the symbol of a centuries-old family history, traditions which have become a concrete modern reality.

A short history of the palace

The Antinori palace was constructed in a crucial moment in Florentine history, the phase when the city was in the process of passing from  the medieval to the Renaissance period. It was the time of Lorenzo the Magnificent, when Florence was one of the political and economic capitals of the world and a city in constant movement and turbolent activity. In the mid-15th  century, the family of Niccolò Antinori was one of the most important of the city, very active politically and friends of the most influential local personalities and families, among them the Medici. Niccolò Antinori, in 1506, moved into this spacious palace, purchased with “4000 large and heavy florins”, in Piazza San Michele Bertelde, soon to become universally known as “the piazza of the Antinori”.