Bolgheri DOC




The climate of the 2015 vintage was characterized by a winter of average cold and then a mild and dry spring. The bud break was significantly earlier than the previous year and was followed by an equally precocious flowering. The initial phase of summer was marked by an important rise in temperatures which then came back into balance during the second half of August, thereby assisting the grapes to achieve perfect ripeness. The picking of the parcels of Merlot used for the production of Cont’Ugo took place between September 9th and September 23rd.


A selection was made of the finest grapes of the 100 acres (40 hectares) planted to Merlot of the  Guado al Tasso estate. After the hand picking and a careful selection of the bunches in the cellars, the must went into temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks where it macerated on its skins and fermented for a period of approximately 20 days. The fermentation temperatures were controlled on the basis of the ripeness level of the grapes, lower in some cases to maintain a greater aromatic freshness, at times close to 86° Fahrenheit (30° centigrade) for a greater extraction and structure. Different types of Merlot were accordingly produced and then aged in separate small oak barrels. The malolactic fermentation took place in barrel (1/3 of which were new) and was completed by the end of the year. After eight months of French oak barrel aging, the finest lots were assembled and went back into barrel for a further four months of aging. At the end of this period, the wine was bottled and was given six months of bottle aging before commercial release.

Historical data

The Guado al Tasso estate is located approximately 50 miles (80 kilometers) to the southwest of the city of Florence near the medieval hamlet of Bolgheri. The property, some 2500 acres in size, extends from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the inland hills and includes, in addition to the 750 acres (300 hectares) of vineyards, parcels of wheat, barley, hay, and olive groves along with woods in which a herd of Cinta Senese pigs, a prized local breed, graze.

Tasting notes

The nose shows intense notes of ripe cherries and blueberries well integrated with intriguing hints of candied fruit and sweet spices. On the palate, the wine is supple, balanced, and long. The balance and the high pleasure level of the fruity aftertaste are a characterizing element of the wine.