• 1800


The noble della Gherardesca family began to be involved in the production of wine in their Bolgheri holdings as early as the second half of the 17th century.
But it was with Guido Alberto della Gherardesca, who lived from 1780 to 1854, that a significant change occured.



Passionately interested in viticulture (a passion which he was able to further deepen and refine in France), he became, in 1833, the “principal house-steward” of Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany (and his responsibilities, among other tasks, was that of supplying the grand duke’s cellars with wines and matching the wines to the dishes served in the ducal household), Guido Alberto dedicated himself to the production of wine at his Maremma estates.



The Guado al Tasso estate once was part of a fiefdom of some 4048 hectares (over 10,000 acres) which stretched for over seven kilometers (four miles) along the coast and belonged to the Della Gherardesca family, whose roots in this region go back over 1200 years.



In the 1930’s this property was inherited by Carlotta della Gherardesca Antinori, the mother of Piero Antinori, and her sister, who was married to Mario Incisa della Rocchetta (who received as a dowry the nearby San Guido estate). There were once seven castles on the estate, four of which are still standing, and 86 lookout towers constructed 1000 years ago to protect the area from the incursions of Saracen raiders from the African coast.