Vermentino, Bolgheri DOC


100% Vermentino


The early part of 2012 was characterized by very cold temperatures and snowfall, virtually unprecedented for the area. Bud break, however, was regular, even if the number of bunches per bud which later developed was low.
Late spring and the first part of summer were very hot and dry, resulting in a limited growth of the berries and lower production per vine. This in addition to the lower fertility already noted led to a 20% loss in production for the year.
If quantity was insufficient, quality was the exact opposite of what might be expected for a hot vintage: crisp acidity and fine fruit and, above all, quality tannins.
The 2012 vintage has demonstrated, once again that Bolgheri can make excellent wine in hot vintages. The morphology of the territory and the nearby presence of the sea mitigate torrid summer temperatures in well exposed vineyards and help to avoid the vine stress which compromises balance and proper ripening.


Each individual plot was harvested in successive passages through the vineyard and the grapes fermented separately. This in order to create a vast series of separate lots of Vermentino with different aromas and flavors deriving both from the characteristics of the various vineyard parcels and the level of ripeness of their grapes. The grapes, once in the cellars, were destemmed, gently crushed and immediately softly pressed.
Different fractions of juice were obtained by the successive pressing and were then chilled for 24 hours to assist a natural static settling of the impurities. The clean must then went into stainless steel tanks where it fermented at temperatures which peaked at 61° Fahrenheit (16° centigrade). The various lots were evaluated at a month’s distance from the fermentation and those selected for the final blend assembled for bottling.

Historical data

The first Vermentino to be produced t the Guado al Tasso estate was the 1996. The property is located at approximately 50 miles (80 kilometers) to the southwest of the city of Florence near the medieval hamlet of Bolgheri in the Tuscan Maremma.  The holdings extend for 2500 acres (1000 hectares) from the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the first hills of the interior. In addition to the grapes, the major crop, there are also grain, corn, and sunflower fields and olive groves as well.

Tasting notes

A luminous straw yellow in color, the wine’s aromas are riper and more mature than usual with notes of citrus fruit and herbs which, in this vintage, mingle with fruity sensations which recall yellow peaches and apricots. The flavors are savory, persistent, fresh, and with a pleasurable fruitiness on the finish and aftertaste.