The Territory

Bolgheri, the prestigious small appellation in which Guado al Tasso is located, was famous for its rosé wines until the 1970’s; for this wine , and for white wines as well, it received appellation status in 1984, which was then extended to the red wines of the area in 1994. The zone in any case, is known and prized for its exceptional red wines, its so-called “Super Tuscans”: with this important richness and with the elevated quality of its wines, Bolgheri has become one of the new capitals of world oenology.


The overall surface area of the estate is over 1000 hectares (2500 acres), 300 of which (750 acres) are planted to vines; there are, in addition, woods, known as the Macchia del Bruciato, where Cinta Senese pigs, a prized Tuscan breed, and other animals are allowed to graze in the wild. The vineyards – 45-65 meters above sea level on soils of various composition – are planted to Vermentino, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Petit Verdot along with small quantities of other grape varieties.
Thanks to a mild climate created by the nearby presence of the sea and the constant breezes which mitigate the extremes of summer heat and winter cold, sweep the sky clean of clouds and cover, and accordingly increase the amount and intensity of sunlight, the harvest here normally commences at the end of August, two weeks earlier than the more inland zones of Tuscany. An ideal climate as well for the small greenhouse where the different varieties of young vines to be planted are grown and then utilized in the other Antinori estates in Tuscany and Umbria.