• 1491 The Le Rose Estate

1491 The Le Rose Estate

While the palace is the urban residence of the family, the Le Rose estate in Galluzzo just to the south of the city is the “country”  home of the Antinori, a property “with a noble dwelling place and a house for a labourer”, an estate from which the family produces 40 barrels of wine annually; the wine, already known to the Florentine ruling class, is brought to the city and sold directly there by the family.

1506 The Antinori Palace

Niccolò Antinori acquires, as the family’s city residence, a splendid palace just a few steps away from the Cathedral. It is located in front of the Church of Saint Gaetano in Piazza Saint Michele Bertelde on the right bank of the Arno river in the very center of Florence. The palace had been commissioned by the Boni family from the famous artist Giuliano da Maiano  in1461. In 1475 it had been sold to a friend of the Medici, Carlo Martelli, who died without heirs.
It is Lorenzo de’ Medici in person who  points out the palace to Niccolò Antinori, who then purchases it for 4000 gold florins. Ever since then, the palace, known by all as the Antinori Palace, has given its name to the piazza on which it fronts and hosts both the family and the activities of the Antinori Marquises.

1492 The Discovery of America

Christopher Columbus lands in the “New World”, while in Florence Lorenzo de’ Medici dies: the city, with “the Magnificent” at the helm, has lived through its years of maximum splendor in terms of culture, art, and prosperity.

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