• 1510 The “Portholes”

1510 The “Portholes”

Wealthy Florentine families, benefitting from their country holdings, sell their wine and other agricultural products through opening in the walls of their palaces known as “porticciole” (portholes).
These small apertures are still visible today in certain Florentine palaces, among them the Antinori Palace.

1512 The Antinori Coat of Arms

Alessandro Antinori commissions the reproduction of the Antinori coat of arms from the Della Robbia, whose atelier is among the most famous of the Renaissance and the entire history of Italian art. The original design, with its crown and two angels is decorated, in 1861, with the motto "Te Duce Proficio" to signify the continuous search for excellence on the part of the family.

1509 Mona Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci paints "La Gioconda".
Monna Lisa, noted for her imperceptible smile and her air of mystery, has inspired countless pages of criticism, of literature, of works of the imagination, and of studies. Indefinable, ironic, and sensual, Mona Lisa is unquestionably the world’s most famous portrait.

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