• 1863 The foundation of L&P Antinori

1863 The foundation of L&P Antinori

Piero Antinori, the son of Niccolò, together with his brother Lodovico and Guglielmo Guerrini, husband of their sister Ottavia, founds what is to become the current-day Marchesi Antinori firm, first known as L&P Antinori, with the objective of “establishing a bit of order in the various wine-related activities created by the preceding generations of the Antinori ever since the 15th century”. They modernize their four Tuscan estates and adopt the design of Villa Antinori for their most important wines.

1867 Orazio Antinori

Orazio Antinori, a multi-faceted explorer with an adventurous spirit, founds, in Florence, the Società Geografica Italiana (the Italian Geographical Society). Born in 1881, he writes that “few things are so exhilarating as the emotions one feels in departing for unknown shores”. During these years, Piero and Lodovico Antinori export their wine to South America and, at the same time, Orazio travels the globe in search of fossils and findings.

1861 united Italy

On March 17th, 1861 King Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoia proclaims the birth of the United Kingdom of Italy.
With this act, the Risorgimento – the period in Italian history which saw the political unification of the country and its independence from foreign powers - reaches its culminating moment. The process takes several decades and sees the involvement of figures of the calibre of Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, Giuseppe Mazzini, and Giuseppe Garibaldi.

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