• 1905 the Antinori Metodo Classico sparkling wine is created

1905 the Antinori Metodo Classico sparkling wine is created

In 1905, following their visit to the Champagne region, Piero and Lodovico Antinori invited Monsieur Lucien Charlemagne, a renowned Chef De Cave from Epernay, to the San Casciano winery to produce a sparkling wine. With Monsieur Charlemagne’s assistance, in 1908 Gran Spumante Antinori was produced, the first sparkling wine made in Italy using Metodo Classico. Following its success with numerous wine experts and influential people of that time, in the late 1990’s the Antinori family decided to invest in the Montenisa Estate where today Franciacorta Marchese Antinori wines are produced.

1898 Piero’s children are born

In these years Piero’s children - Niccolo', Cora Maria, and Franca - are born.

1900 the Zeppelin

The early years of the 20th century see such visionary minds as such as Count Von Zeppelin at work. The first zeppelin flight takes place on July 2nd, 1900. It lasts only eight minutes when the LZ 1 is forced to land on a lake when the mechanism which winds the balancing weights breaks.
The technology, nonetheless, demonstrates its efficacy in subsequent flights, reaching a velocity of six meters per second. Without financiers, however, Count Von Zepplin is forced to disassemble the prototype and close the company, but his invention, by then, has changed history.

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