Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pèppoli

Tasting notes

COLOR: a brilliant green

AROMA: quite fruity and pungent, notably fragrant

FLAVOR: fruity and harmonious with a good structure and balance and the typical, pronouncedly spicy and slightly piquant finish and aftertaste of a Tuscan olive oil.

Cycle of harvesting and extraction

The olives, grown in selected groves, were harvested exclusively by hand just before reaching peak ripeness and milled, without exception, within 18 hours of picking at the estate’s own olive mill. The production cycle began with  leaf removal utilizing an aspirating machine and with milling by small hammers; the olive paste was then broken up and worked by machine where, for a period of 10-15 minutes, at temperatures between 20 and 22° centigrade (68-72° Fahrenheit), the particles of oil began to coagulate and separate from the olive paste. The extraction phase, which operates with a two-phase decanter, then followed: the process was carried out at low temperatures and without the use of water in order to bring out all of the aromas and flavors of the oil. The conservation and storage before bottling of the Péppoli olive oil took place in small stainless steel recipients and was carried out under the protection of an inert gas.

Organic production

The Péppoli olive oil is organic. In 1994, the estate decided to organize its production on the basis of the principles of organic agriculture, according to which products derived from chemical synthesis are not be utilized either for control of pests and plant diseases or for fertilizing. After a two year period of time – that which is required by current legislation and was supervised by the Consortium for the Control of Biological Production, an organism authorized by the Italian Ministry for Agriculture and Forest Resources - during which cultivation was converted from conventional to organic practices and procedures,  it was finally possible, in 1996, to obtain “biological certification” for the Péppoli olive oil.

Controlled and certified by CCBP: IT BIO 009 - 8197
Authorized by D.M. MIPAAF n ° 26023 of 28-12-2007