Pian delle Vigne



Brunello di Montalcino DOCG


100% Sangiovese


A winter without particularly cold temperatures and fairly dry as well was followed by a spring characterized by frequent rain and by daytime to nighttime temperature swings which slowed vine development.
The months of June and July, instead, were quite warm and rain fell only August, allowing the process of growth and development to proceed regularly in the vineyard. During the month of September in which picking operations went forward, warm and sunny days and excellent  temperature swings from daytime heat to evening and nighttime coolness brought the Sangiovese grapes to a point of perfect ripeness for harvesting.


A careful selection of the finest grapes, those to be used for the production of Brunello di Montalcino (the so-called “green harvest”), was carried out in mid-July and, again, just before harvesting began, and assisted in bringing a crop of perfectly ripe and healthy grapes to the fermenting cellars. After destemming and pressing, the must went into stainless steel tanks, where it fermented for three weeks at temperatures which peaked at 82° Fahrenheit (28° centigrade).
The wine then went through a complete malolactic fermentation and began its aging period in oak casks of 800-2100 liter capacity. After more than two years of aging, the wine was bottled in March of 2012.

Historical data

The Pian delle Vigne estate is located 3.5 miles (six kilometers) to the south of the town of Montalcino  above the Orcia river valley. The estate takes its name from a typical 19th century railroad station located within the confines of the property. The estate consists of 460 acres (184 hectares) of land, 160 of which (some 65 hectares) are planted to vines situated between 130 and 200 meters (440-660 feet) above sea level and with an exposure which is principally to the southwest. The soil consists prevalently of clay and limestone and is rich in small stones.
The estate’s Brunello di Montalcino  is produced exclusively from Sangiovese grapes  (the variety is known by the name Brunello in Montalcino) according to the regulations of an appellation whose most significant points are: production zone – township of Montalcino; maximum yield in the vineyard – seven tons per hectare; yield in wine from the grapes – a maximum of 68%; obligatory wood aging for the wines – two years; obligatory bottle aging for the wines – minimum four months (six months for the Riserva); minimum alcohol level – 12.5°; commercial release – no sooner than the first of January of the fifth year after the harvest (the sixth year in the case of the Riserva).

Tasting notes

A brilliant ruby red in color with garnet highlights, the wine shows a complex and intense nose with spicy and balsamic notes which fully fuse with aromas of raspberries, cherries, and ripe plums together with light suggestions of tobacco and leather. On the palate the wine is ample and enveloping with a silky texture and an intense progression of flavors across the palate which bring out all the elegant and varietal personality of the wine, true and outstanding in its expression of Sangiovese character.



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