10/10/12, antinori

The future of a family of vintners, one with a sole passion, that for making great wine, has now arrived in the heart of Chianti Classico, the place from which the Antinori draw their origins.
A tradition, in essence, ia simply an innovation which has shown its validity over time: the project for these new cellars is based on this conviction, and for this reason we have put to good use the knowledge, the know how in making wine accumulated over centuries of time in Chianti Classico. With the contribution of our family. 

The project was born in the year 2005, the fruit of the collaboration between the Studio Hydea and architect Marco Casamonti, founder of the Archea Associati studio, who selected natural Tuscan materials, the terracotta of Impuneta, the stones, the Corten iron, a lovely rust-colored alloy of iron, cooper, chrome, and nickel. But who, above all, wanted a structure intimately tied to nature.

An extraordinary work of architecture hidden amongst the olive groves, the vineyards, the oak and holm-oak stands, literally within the bowels of a hillside covered with vines. A temple dedicated to wine, but above all a homage to the Tuscan landscape. Inviolate, indeed rendered even more beautiful by the hand of man, as has always been the case in the Tuscan countryside. 

Everything, in these cellars, is the fruit of centuries of experience, and we are the first to be astonished by how contemporary the results are. Reflecting upon it, it is precisely this which gives us faith in the future of the project: it resembles us in the living classicism which we wish to represent and in the value which we wish leave both to the community and to the next 26 Antinori generations. It pleases us to think that hard work, passion, and renewal will continue, hand in hand,with the desire to respect tradition without, however, being subjected to it.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Famiglia Antinori