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I am 76 years-old, have been the head of the company for 49 years,
and have a surname that has existed for at least seven centuries.
Since then, more or less, this surname has been associated with wine,
from the Middle Ages to the Milan Expo 2015; it has come a long way.
Even today, while the twenty-seventh generation of my family begins
working in the vineyards, and while the 2012 vintage is almost ready,
resting in the cellar waiting, I would like this to be both the story
of a place and a wine that bear the same name. And, I would like it to
also somehow be the story of how every great wine is created and aged (...)*.

Piero Antinori

With these words, Piero Antinori introduces his book dedicated to Tignanello, the wine that the influential Wine Spectator magazine has called "the most influential wine in the history of Italy."

A revolutionary wine both in Italy and abroad that even today, after more than four decades, is one of the best-known Italian label in the world. The idea, people, places and the genesis of a unique wine.

Passionate words accompanied by stunning images: "Tignanello. A Tuscan history ", released in bookstores, is a trip down memory lane of the Marchese Piero Antinori.

A story told in the first person that begins in 1971, year of birth of Tignanello, the result of choices so bold as innovative: for the first time is exceeded the specification of the area, using the malolactic fermentation and aging in oak barrels is passed. A wine from Tuscany heart, universally regarded as "the architect of the renaissance of Italian wine" as it has marked the new course Italian wine. An icon, a symbol. Excellence traced by the words of the Marchese Piero Antinori, the soul of one of the most historic wine families.