23/06/15, antinori

Marchesi Antinori, as Antinori Art Project presents on 3rd of July 2015, a new temporary exhibition, curated by Ilaria Bonacossa, one of themes of art history: the still life. STILL-LIFE Remix. 26 contemporary artists reinterpret the Still Life is the title of the exhibition, from July 4 to October 4, 2015, it will be open to visitors to the Antinori Chianti Classico winery, in Bargino - San Casciano (Florence).

The exhibition, as the title points out, is a contemporary excursus devoted to a genre of painting - Still Life / Still-Life - autonomous, such as landscape or portrait, in which plants, flowers and fruits are played, along with hunting prey, in compositions devoid of the presence of human beings. These assemblages, often enriched with symbolic objects such as skulls, beads, books or instruments for measuring time, are a reminder of the fragility of beauty and the inevitability of death. Still-Life Remix presents a collection of photographs, sculptures, paintings and videos illustrating how even today you can, through the expressive Still Life's code, grasp the passage of time through the visual representation of an impossible balance between natural and artificial. The works, presented in the exhibition, show that through the Still Life many contemporary artists today can tell their perception of the world around us, human fragility, the transience of earthly happiness, demonstrating that such suspended between tradition of painting and photography is pop today more than ever alive and capable of transferring emotion. It set out in the context of highly evocative spaces of the Antinori Chianti Classico winery - is also intended as a tribute and highlight the uniqueness of the client exposure: exposure is inscribed in fact a secular tradition of the Antinori family's passion for art that  is a strong connection between the best expressions of tradition and modernity.

In connection to the Still-Life Remix exhibition, the Antinori family has decided to present in the spaces dedicated to collections of works by Palazzo Antinori winery. 


Still-Life Remix is sponsored by Expo 2015 and is included in the official cultural routes in Italy during the first half of the event.