29/09/14, antinori


On September 23rd Antonio Tonola got the first place of the contest “Sala’s protagonists”.

Maitre from Michelin-starred Restaurant of Villa di Chiavenna (SO) he won the first place in the contest conceived by the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe and Marchesi Antinori in order to give value maitre – sommelier role. The challenge was divided into several stages, opened in January 2014 and had as its first step the selection and reporting by each restaurant JRE's own candidate, which has been assessed within their place of work to clients, persons designated by the JRE from Marchesi Antinori and some Mystery Guest who have expressed their opinion by filling in an evaluation form based on these skills: TECHNICAL, IRONY, HOSPITALITY, ELEGANCE and PERSONALITY '.











These are the 10 finalist names selected for the first part od the challenge:

Cosimo Albano - “Ristorante Parizzi”, Parma
Stéphane Blay - “Agli Amici”, Udine
Claudio Bronzi - “Il Tino” , Lido di Ostia (Rm)
Valentina Centofanti - “L’angolo d’Abruzzo” a Carsoli (AQ)
Ana Natalia Dancio - “Agli Amici”, Udine
Paolo Gargiulo - “Don Alfonso 1890” ,Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi (Na)
Matteo Speranza - “Il Capriccio” , Vieste (Fg)
Mario Sposito - “Taverna Estia”, Brusciano (Na)
Pascal Tinari - “Villa Maiella”, Guardiagrele (Ch)
Antonio Tonola - “Lanterna Verde”, Villa di Chiavenna (So)

The 10 candidates were then challenged in the final, which was divided into 3 parts:

• “Restaurant room preparation ", which have been evaluated in particular elegance and style in mise en place and implemented a roll-play was evaluated the acceptance of two hypothetical customers in the restaurant;
• "Recipe from chef in charge of room", in which a chef (not the one in the restaurant of origin of the applicant) has invented a recipe at the moment and the candidate had to pass on to "customers" the idea of trying to order prescription that dish; In this context were assessed personality and friendliness of the candidates;
• "Match test” in which it was assessed the ability to match and then explain the combination chosen from among the many dishes with Marchesi Antinori wines produced at the Castello della Sala: Cervaro, Conte della Vipera, St. John and Pinot Noir. The Jury contest consisting in journalists of major newspapers related to the theme food & wine and Mario Moreschi and Horace Vagnozzi has also selected the best "protagonist of the room" in each category.

These are the name of the winners in the different categories:

Irony prize: Pascal Tinari
Technical prize: Mario Sposito
Hospitality prize: Cosimo Albano
Elegance prize: Paolo Gargiulo
Personality prize: Claudio Bronzi