Cortona DOC Syrah


100% Syrah


The beginning of spring saw a good amount of rain and slighty higher temperatures than the seasonal average, which favored a slight anticipation of the budding phase.
In the following period, average temperatures and rainfall led to excellent flowering and vegetative cycle.
Rains at the beginning of summer maintained a good plant growth equilibrium which lasted throughout the month of August. Notwithstanding the high day temperatures, nights were cool and assured the full ripening of all grape varieties. As a result, the ripening of the grapes proceeded optimally, guaranteeing the presumption of an excellent harvest.


The grapes coming from 'La Braccesca Estate' were harvested when they had reached a perfect state of maturation, and vinified separately. After destemming and soft crushing, an extended maceration took place (about 15 days). During this period, the wine completed its alcoholic fermentation at a temperature not exceeding 30°C. The wine was then introduced into new barriques (Alliers & Troncais) where its malolactic fermentation was completed. The wine remained for a period of 14 months in the barriques, during this time the wine was racked several times. At the end of the winter the wine was then bottled, where it remained for about one year prior to release.
Alcohol : 13,5% Vol.

Historical data

La Braccesca estate, on the whole has a total size of approximately 342 ha and is divided into two main blocks: the historical part of the estate is situated in the Montepulciano area and covers 78 ha of vineyards; the other covers 165 ha of vineyards, and is situated at the foot of the hills around Cortona. This area has demonstrated to be a best-suited area for the production of syrah and this is the area where we are building up the new cellars.

Tasting notes

Very deep in colour with fruity, intense aromas with hints of vanilla. On the palate, rich and soft with an excellent structure and a full, lingering finish.