Cortona DOC Syrah


100% Syrah


A very mild winter created the conditions for an early start to the development of vine vegetation, two weeks, in fact, ahead of the normal period, a phenomenon which influenced the entire vegetative cycle of the vine and led to a harvest which took place ten days ahead of schedule. The summer, dry on the whole but not particularly hot, assisted in bringing the grapes to an excellent point of ripeness but with a loss of overall production of some 15-20% compared to an average vintage. The wines have rich color concentration and an elevated aromatic and structural richness. On an overall basis, it was one of the finest vintages of the past decade.


The excellent ripening of the grapes was completed by the end of September. A precisely-timed thinning of the crop, aimed at bringing the grapes to an optimal state of ripeness, succeeded perfectly and, in lightening the load which the vine had to ripen, insured absolutely healthy grapes as well. After picking, an operation carried out entirely by hand, the grapes were brought to the cellars, destemmed, given a soft pressing. They were then moved to the tanks to begin their fermentation, which took place at temperatures kept constantly below a peak of 86° Fahrenheit (30° centigrade) in order to fully conserve the fruit and the floral notes which characterize Syrah as a variety. After twenty days of skin contact the wine went into new French oak barrels where it was put through a complete malolactic fermentation and aged for sixteen months. The finished wine was bottled before the summer of 2009. Alcohol 14.5% Vol.

Historical data

The La Braccesca estate, which extends over an overall total of close to 1,032 acres (418 hectares), consists of two separate blocks: an historic nucleus near the town of Montepulciano, with some 252 acres (102 hectares) planted to vines, and a second block, with 380 acres (154 hectares) of vineyards, located on the hills which surround the town of Cortona. The first vintage of the La Braccesca Vino Nobile di Montepulciano was in 1990.

Tasting notes

Th Bramasole 2007 shows a lovely and intense ruby red color with purple highlights, the typical tonality of a wine of this variety. Liquorice, tobacco, and black pepper predominate on the nose along with notes of chocolate and ripe fruit. Balanced and elegant, its supple tannins make its length and persistence on the palate highly pleasurable.