Cortona DOC Syrah


100% Syrah


The winter of 2008-2009 was quite rainy but with rather mild temperatures. Bud burst took place during the first half of April. A notable drop in temperatures from late April to mid-May slowed the growth of vegetation, but the subsequent rise towards late May and early June brought the development of the vines back into balance and bud set took place, as usual, in early June. Frequent rains in late spring and early summer favored the development of the vegetation. High temperatures from mid-July until early August led to an anticipated ripening of the grapes. A dry and mild September led to a full and excellent ripening of the crop both in terms of the sugars and from a physiological point of view as well. The harvested grapes were full of fruit and sufficiently structured.


The picking of the grapes for Bramasole began around the middle of September. After destemming and pressing, the grapes macerated on their skins at low temperatures to extract the aromas in solution, and temperatures were then allowed to rise to a level of 82° Fahrenheit (28° centigrade). After 18 days of fermentation and skin contact the wine went into new small oak barrels where it finished its fermentation and subsequently went through a complete malolactic fermentation. Aging in barrel lasted approximately 16 months and the finished wine was bottled during the spring of 2013.

Historical data

La Braccesca estate, which has an overall surface extension of over 1175 acres (471 hectares) consists of two vineyard blocks: the first, the historic nucleus of the property, are the 255 acres of vines located in Montepulciano and planted in the finest sub-zones for the production of Vino Nobile, while the second, some 525 acres, is situated at the foot of the hills which surround the nearby city of Cortona.

Tasting notes

A wine which is both rich and elegant, the 2009 Bramasole is characterized by aromas of black fruit and tobacco which, on the palate, fuse with the typical notes of liquorice and black pepper which characterize Syrah. The finish is full and supple and very long as well.