The fermenting cellars contain temperature-controlled stainless steel fermenting tanks of various sizes equipped with the most advanced technology for the various phases of the transformation of the grapes: temperature control to either chill or heat the grapes, automatic systems for either the pumping over of the cap of skins inside the tanks or for délestage (“rack and return”) extraction techniques.  The technology allows cellar work to be adaptable to all of the various types of skin contact utilized during fermentation and is conceived to make all of the phases as soft and least traumatic as possible. All to maximize the final quality of the wine.

The aging cellars, instead, completely sunk below ground level, are divided into two spaces for barrels and for casks.

Despite their recent construction and the fact that they are equipped with the most sophisticated technology for constant circulation of the air and proper levels of humidity, they manage as well to create that special atmosphere of slow passage of time which only the oldest cellars are able transmit. They house both 60 gallon and 130 gallon barrels and larger casks of different sizes coopered from various types of oak: French, American, and Hungarian are all used according to the personality of the wine they will contain.

Stainless steel and oak, traditional care and the most modern technology, all at the service of constantly evolving concepts which allow the quality reached in the past to systematically improve: in the La Braccesca cellars this is the synergy between old and new which creates great wines.