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The La Braccesca estate’s 20th anniversary

05/04/12, antinori

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the La Braccesca estate has initiated an important project aimed at giving greater luster and wider recognition to the Cortona DOC appellation, its wines, and the territory in which they are born and take shape. Last year, from the month of March to the month of July, La Braccesca, in a collaborative effort with the MAEC (the Museum of the Etruscan Academy of  Cortona), realized an important program called “Arch-Eno visite” (“Archaelogical-Enological Visits”). Profiting from the opportunity offered by the exceptional exhibit of several major Etruscan finds from the collection of the Luvre museum in Paris, shown to the public during the “Le collezioni del Louvre a Cortona – Gli etruschi dall’Arno al Tevere” (“the Louvre collections at Cortona – the Etruscans from the Arno to the Tiber rivers”), the La Braccesca estate created a particularly exciting and informative tour dedicated to traditions tightly linked to wine ever since the age of the ancient Etruscans.

Immediately after viewing the finds on exhibit at the MAEC museum, a shuttle bus brought the participants to the property, where a visit to the cellars and a stimulating tasting of the La Braccesca wines guided the visitors through the rituals of the consumption of wine from ancient times up through the present day.