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La Braccesca's participation at Cortona Antiquaria

13/06/12, antinori

Starting in 2006 and in the two subsequent years (2007 and 2008), the La Braccesca estate, which well represents the spirit of tradition and innovation of the Marchesi Antinori firm, has collaborated with Cortonantiquaria, the most exclusive and eagerly awaited show of its kind for connoisseurs and lovers of antiques and of archaeology.

On this occasion, La Braacesca opened its doors to the public, giving visitors the opportunity to see the cellars and the vineyards and to taste the estate’s wines. True “cultural aperitifs” dedicated to those who love both wines and antiques and to all of those who wished to cherish the memory of this marvelous corner of Italy. Whose uncontestable protagonists were our “Achelo” and “Bramasole”, which represent the Cortona part of the La Braccesca wines.