Just a miles away from the city of Montepulciano, near the border between Tuscany and neighboring Umbria, the La Braccesca estate is surrounded by a splendid territory, first Etruscan and Roman, then medieval and Renaissance.

The property extends over 508 hectares (1255 acres) where, once upon a time, the holdings of the Bracci counts– who gave their name to the estate - were located: the counts, whose name means “arm” in Italian, also gave their coat of arms to the property, an armored arm which holds a sword.

The land owned by La Braccesca is situated in two very close, but entirely different, zones: Montepulciano, the classic and prestigious area of  “Vino Nobile”, and Cortona,  which has made a name for itself in world markets principally with international grape varieties, above all Syrah. These two different “souls”, the essential spirit of different terroirs, represent the La Braccesca style with its respect for tradition and, at the same time, tireless research, its balance between the old and the new, its professional mastery in its work and its passion for quality. The wines of the La Braccesca estate are the results of this happy synthesis.