The overall vineyard surface of La Braccesca is currently 340 hectares and will shortly increase in the future.
 237 of these hectares are currently located in the township of Cortona, while 103 fall within the township limits of Montepulciano. These include 73 hectares (some 180 acres) situated in three of the most renowned sub-zones for the production of excellent Montepulciano red wine: Cervognano, Gracciano, and Santa Pia.
The estate already began to plant new vineyards in the early 1990’s, the fundamental factor in the creation of high level wine.
Classical varieties such as Prugnolo Gentile (the local type of Sangiovese) from the estate’s own mass selections were planted, as were such non-native grapes as Merlot and Syrah; the latter, in the neighboring township of Cortona, has found an ideal habitat in which to express itself.
Work still continues: in a few years the property will conclude its expansion plans, aimed at selecting the finest grape varieties for achieving maximum quality in every part of the estate. For the same reason, the average production level (i.e. the yield) of grapes per hectare has been maintained below those allowed by the regulations of the various appellations.

The 237 hectares of the principal block of the estate, near Cortona, are situated at approximately 290-300 meters (950-1000 feet) above sea level and are planted principally to Syrah. Here the soil is of mixed composition and well endowed both with clay and with loam.
The 103 hectares at Montepulciano, including the 73 hectares at Cervognano, Gracciano, and Santa Pia, situated around 280 meters (925 feet) above sea level, are prevalently cultivated, instead, with Sangiovese and, to a lesser extent, Merlot and Syrah. Their soil is, on the whole, clayey (red clays) and rather rocky.
The climate is Mediterranean in character and, in the area of Cortona, is favorably influenced by nearby Lake Trasimeno, well ventilated by winds, and with rains which normally fall in the months of October-December and March-June. There are 130-170 days of sunshine per year. Average spring temperatures are 11.5-12.5 degrees centigrade (53-55 degrees Fahrenheit), while summer temperatures average 23-24° centigrade (74-76° Fahrenheit).