Vino Nobile di Montepulciano



Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG


80% Prugnolo Gentile 20% Complementary varieties


Spring was cold and damp until mid June. The weather then improved and the month of July until mid August was hot and dry. After mid August until mid September, temperatures were below average with some rain. After that time the weather greatly improved and was sunny, dry and very warm. Overall this meant that the grapes were in fact able to ripen perfectly. It was necessary, however, to carry out a severe selection and thinning of the grapes before the harvest, in order to ensure that the grapes remaining on the vines at the time of harvest had the desired good quality. Quantities were generally below average.


A very careful selection of the grapes from the vineyards of '#La Braccesca#' was made at harvest time. The grapes were then destemmed and crushed and maceration took place over a period of 12 days during which time the wine also completed its alcoholic fermentation at a temperature not exceeding 27-30°C. The wine was then racked and had completed its malolactic fermentation within the end of November. The wine was then transferred to French oak barrels for ageing. The majority aged for a period of two years in barrels of 25 to 50 HL capacity, while a small part was aged for one year in the larger barrels, and for one year in barriques. After blending the wine was bottled at the beginning of 1998.
Alcohol : 13,0% Vol.

Historical data

The vineyards of '#La Braccesca#' are situated in the Montepulciano DOCG area and enjoy a very favourable exposure and microclimate. The first vintage Vino Nobile La Braccesca to be released was the 1990 vintage.

Tasting notes

Good complexity, elegant and soft on the palate, with typical taste of Prugnolo Gentile.