The Le Mortelle estate is located in the Tuscan Maremma near the town of Castiglione della Pescaia. It was once part of a even larger property called La Badiola, important enough to be already identified on the maps of Grand Duke Leopoldo II of Tuscany in the 19th century. The Hapsburg Lorraine rulers of the Grand Duchy, by draining the marshy and malaria-ridden area around Grosseto, the local capital, wished to make their La Badiola and Alberese estates model properties for the raising of cattle.

The estate has belonged to the Antinori family since 1999, and it has worked both on the vineyards and the new cellars with the firm conviction that the area, at the time just emerging into prominence in the overall panorama if Italian wine, had a very significant potential for the production of high quality wine. The family also believed that here the finest characteristics of the terroir and the varieties to be planted could fully find an excellent expression.

Mortella is the name of the wild myrrh which characterizes this coastal area of Tuscany and is the symbol of the property: it also derives its name from this fragrant Mediterranean shrub.

Bio Products

At Le Mortelle ecological sustainability means the systematic and organized maintenance of traditional practices, namely attention to recycling and the careful use of raw materials, working methods which personify the essential spirit of the estate.

One example is the desire to continue the direct sale of the fruit, marmalade, and jam produced from the property’s organic agriculture in order to maintain the historic destination – to visitors and passers-by -  of the estate’s crops. The property cultivates various types of blueberries, pears, apricots, plums, and peaches.


270 overall hectares (675 total acres), 170 of which (420 acres) planted to vineyards. There are, in addition, 5 hectares (12 acres) of organically cultivated fruit orchards, (peaches, plums, apricots, pears, and blueberries) along with two artificial lakes, the larger of which covers a surface of six hectares (15 acres). The property is surrounded by low hills covered by olive groves and woods.

The 170 hectares (420 acres) are planted with differents varieties, principally Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc in addition to more recent parcels of such white grape varieties as Vermentino, Ansonica, and Viognier and a small plot of Carménère.The soil, of medium consistence, sandy and loamy, is prevalently composed of clay and silica and is, in certain parts of the estate, somewhat rocky.

The climate is the typical one of the coast of the Tyrrhenian sea: warm and dry with sea breezes which mitigate winter cold and both refresh excessive summer heat and reduce rainfall.
The lake within the estate’s confines and the Diaccia Botrona nature oasis, home to ducks, coots, and many other feathered species, contribute to mitigate and regulate the dry climate of the area.

Our vineyards
day after day


The new cellar of Le Mortelle is located atop  a low hill which overlooks the property. The cellar is, in large part, underground in order to minimize its impact on the environment and was constructed using natural materials, taking maximum advantage of the rocks below ground to regulate cellar temperatures.

The structure, cylindrical and largely underground, is laid out on three levels: within its spaces all of the various phases of the production of the wines – from the arrival of the grapes to their fermentation and aging, the stocking of the wine and the aging in small oak barrels – takes place.

This particular architectural form allows the most efficient use of the finest technology for the production of wine: the entire production cycle, in fact, takes place utilizing gravity flow methods and equipment to move the wine from upper to lower levels. The process starts with the arrival of the grapes at ground level, continues with the fermentation at the intermediate level, and concludes with the aging of the wine in the parts of the cellars deepest below ground.

eco sustainability

Preserves vast parts of the territory:
At le Mortelle there are two lakes, the larger of which covers six hectares (fifteen acres). Here the flora and fauna of the Tuscan Maremma are preserved and protected.

There are 5 hectares (12 acres) of organic fruit orchards
peaches, plums, apricots, pears, and blueberries and the production of organic jam and marmalade
certifying organ: CCPB (Consorzio Controllo Prodotti Biologici)

A rigorous agriculture, carefully calculated control of plant diseases, the use of cover crops: the objective is to reduce human intervention to only what is strictly necessary 

Equipped with one of the most avant-garde cellars
Underground cellars with a roof covered by plants
Gravity-flow winemaking methods
Energy-saving practices (illumination by means of lamellar wall openings, natural temperatures and humidification of the barrel cellar by means of the natural humidity exuded by the rocks)
Carbon dioxide produced in the cellars “moved” to the vineyard and purified by the vines
Phyto-purification of residual cellar waters by means of pumice stone and plants which consume biological waste

In the search for packaging materials for the wines, the estate gives particular attention as well to proper respect for the environment: with, for example, the choice of bottles of lighter weight glass and ecological boxes and cartons.

visits, tastings, and shop

CeThe wine, the fruit, the vegetables, and the biological jam and marmalade produced at the estate are sold at the Fattoria di Mortelle shop. Visits to the estate and tastings can also be arranged and organized.

Opening times
Every day from 10 a.m to 8 p.m

Cel. 347 4610704
Tel. 0564 944003
E-mail visite@lemortelle.it 




Loc. Ampio 
58043 Castiglione della Pescaia, Grosseto
office ph. 0039 0564 944003
mob. ph. 0039 347 4610704

Contact us:

For GPS: 42°48'35.8"N,  10°56'41.3"E

From Florence Airport
After you leave from the airport area, you reach a light, turn to your right, follow the indications for highway A 1 (Firenze-Roma) direction ROMA, exit at FIRENZE IMPRUNETA, then take the “Raccordo Siena-Firenze“.

From Florence downtown
Go to Certosa (Galluzzo), and take the “Raccordo Siena-Firenze”, which starts at the “FIRENZE IMPRUNETA” exit of the highway A1
Once you reach Siena, follow the highway for Grosseto
take Roselle exit, exit to the right till the end of the road, left at the stop (towards Grosseto), go over the overpass and turn right at the 2nd (Barbaruta road - signs for Castiglione), forward to the end of the road and turn right at the stop (towards Castiglione) pass the roundabout (2nd exit Castiglione indicator) after about 4 miles take the crossroad to the right with direction to Tirli. The winery is located on the right after 2.3 km.

From “Raccordo Firenze- Pisa –Livorno”
Follow the highway towards Livorno
Take the A12 entrance at Collesalvetti, exit at Rosignano,
Keep the right side on SS1 towards Grosseto,
Follow SS1 for 75 km, until Gavorrano Scalo exit,
Follow signs to Grosseto until Grilli.

When you get there turn right just in front of the pharmacy, onto the SP 23 following road signs to Castiglione della Pescaia. Overpass Ampio, follow Castiglione della Pescaia: the entrance to the winery is located on the left about a mile after the junction for Tirli.

Le Mortelle - News & Events

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26 June 2018
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Excellence From the Earth - Saturday 7th July

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Saturday 7th July our summer events will continue with the Excellence From the Earth dinner to exalt Vivia and Botrosecco thanks to our cuisine made with local products and our vegetables. Discorver all the details...

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28 June 2017
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Friday 28 July two important chefs of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe, Alberto Basso and Cristiano Tomei will enhance our wines through their creative and innovative cuisine! Get to know the two chefs JRE…

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