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The 2016 harvest

04/11/16, antinori

Our harvest was finished few day ago. The 2016 vintage was characterices by a warm climate with few rainfall but with a great potential.

Discover more information about the 2016 vintage with our winemaker Georgia Dimitriou…

"The farm is situated in the south Maremma coast and consists in 677 acres whose 410 are cultivated with international varieties as Cabernet Sauvignon,Cabernet Franc and Viognier and autochthonous vines as Vermentino and Ansonica.

The 2016 vintage was characterized by a warm climate with a few rainfalls but with a great potential.
The Cabernets arrived at the perfect ripeness in the last days of August and the Viognier grapes were picked in advance, in comparison to the others vintages, to preserve the aromas and exalt the freshness.

We have worked in the vineyard to obtain wines – as Poggio alle Nane, Botrosecco or Vivia – that are able to communicate the harmony and the balance of the land and the particular characteristics of 2016 vintage . "