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Dinner under the stars - Get to know the two chefs

28/06/17, antinori

We are happy to present the great July event: Dinner under the stars. Friday 28 July two important chefs of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe, Alberto Basso and Cristiano Tomei will enhance our wines through their creative and innovative cuisine!

Hurry up and make a reservation, we only have a limited number of seats!

Get to know the two chefs JRE

CHEF CRISTIANO TOMEI | "L'imbuto" restaurant - Lu.C.C.A - Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, Lucca

The cusine of Cristiano Tomei is made by his curious and adaptable character, his semplicity and his seriourness to choose the raw materials. He is a "pioneer" in using, in a innovative way, the primitive elements: fire, wood, cortex and wild herbs.






CHEF ALBERTO BASSO | "3Quarti" restaurant - Grancona, Vicenza

The cuisine of Alberto Basso is a perfectly balances art between innovation and old local tradition. A combination that is joyful but severe, which is born from a deep-rooted knowledge of the fruits of its territory combined with a fantasy that is the result of studies and culinary inspiration.




Dinner under the stars | Friday 28 July - Fattoria Le Mortelle | € 80,00 per person
Limited number of seats - reservation required
INFO&BOOKING | visite@lemortelle.it - 0564 944003 - 347 4610704