Scabrezza / 2009

Scabrezza / 2009

The Monteloro Estate is located 12 kilometers outside of Florence on the hills behind Fiesole, immersed in a landscape of vineyards, olive trees, and woods, amongst which are scattered beautiful villas and farmhouses. The estate spans an area of 140 hectares, 55 of which contain grapevines, and is located at an average altitude of 500 meter above sea level. The name "Scabrezza" comes from a term used in measuring the flow of water, used specifically in reference to the Arno River, which passes very close to the estate. The heterogeneous formation of the land, the distinguishing climate with great temperature fluctuations, and the location of the vineyards at different altitudes, make this place an area well-suited for the production of great white wines. In fact, this area has always been known for being a second residence for the nobility of Florence, who vacationed here during the summer months, as evidenced by the famous houses of Beatrice Portinari and Dante Aligheri, which face the vineyards of the estate. The first wine produced on the estate was "Mezzobraccio" in 2007, to which "Scabrezza" was added after two harvests.

Toscana IGT
Pinot grigio, pinot bianco

The season began with a rather rainy spring, causing a slowdown in new vegetative growth, without however interfering with normal development during the phenological phases. On the contrary, the plentiful accumulation of water in the soil was providential for the rebuilding up of the water reserves deep under the soil's surface, which turned out to be invaluable during the summer. In fact, July and August were very hot and rather dry with sunny days and high temperatures. The first rains of mid-September brought a cooling down, thus avoiding excessive vegetative stress on the plants. The phase of ripening began during the first ten days of August and continued rapidly. The pinot grigio and pinot bianco harvests began ahead of time at the end of August, ending during the last ten days of September.


Harvesting was done by hand and the grape bunches, after being destemmed, were pressed in such a manner as to extract the juice as delicately as possible. Alcoholic fermentation was carried out separately for each varietal in stainless steel tanks at a temperature not exceeding 16° C. The lots were then blended in April. The wine was subsequently kept at a temperature of 10° C in order to preserve its fragrance up to the moment of bottling in the spring.

Tasting notes

The wine opens with a lavish bouquet, dominated by scents of white flowers and accompanied by a fine nuance of fuity aromas, of which pineapple is the prevalent one. The flavor, predominated by white peach, expresses maturity and smoothness, well supported by its good sapidity and acidity, which give the taste of the wine consistence and length.