Scabrezza / 2013

Scabrezza / 2013

The Monteloro estate is located at seven miles (twelve kilometers) from Florence, on hills behind Fiesole, immersed in a landscape of vineyards, olive groves, and woods along with lovely villas and country farmhouses. It extends over a total surface area of some 1375 acres (550 hectares), close to 190 of which are planted to vines; the average altitude is 1650 feet (500 meters) above sea level. The name “Scabrezza” is derived from an index which measures the flow of the waters of the Arno river, situated quite near the property. The first wine to be produced at the estate, in 2007, was “Mezzo Braccio”, while production of “Scabrezza” began two vintages later.

Toscana IGT
Pinot Bianco

The 2013 growing season was characterized by ample rainfall, which fell during the entire period of the growing season. A cool year, one which led to a slight delay in the ripening of the grapes, but which also favored an excellent balance between crispness and fragrance.


Picking was done by hand, and the grape bunches, after destemming, were given a very soft pressing in order to extract the must as delicately as possible. The must fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks at temperatures held ld to a maximum level of 61° Fahrenheit (16° centigrade). The blending of the various lots took place during the month of February. The wine was then held at temperatures of 50° Fahrenheit (10° centigrade) in order to preserve maximum fragrance before bottling, which took place in the spring.

Tasting notes

The aromas feature delicate  notes of white flowers. On the palate, the flavors of citrus honey fuse with those of yellow peaches. A long persistence on the palate leads to savory and vibrant finish and aftertaste.